Reverend Doctor Dorine Takusi was born in Cameroon, West Africa and migrated to the United States in 1995 to pursue her education and career goals. She attended Mercer University in Atlanta GA and graduated with Doctorate of Pharmacy degree (PharmD), and  a Masters in Business administration (MBA).

With a very humble background, she was raised in a Christian family and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. During her stay in the states, she quotes “the word of the Lord has been the Lamb to her feet and the light to her path” Psalms 119:105. She is married to Mr. Emmanuel Takusi and they are blessed with 5 adorable children.
After her graduation, she was offered a Position as Clinical Pharmacist in University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore MD, a position that gave her a lot of exposure. A year later, she was promoted as the Manager of the pediatric and Shock Trauma pharmacy at the University Of Maryland Medical Center. Because of her hard work and dedication, three years later, she received another promotion and became the Director of Pharmacy at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, a pediatric hospital jointly owned by both John’s Hopkins and the University of Maryland.
Rev. Dr. Dorine is now the Vice President and CFO of Zonetak Holdings Inc.
She never stopped working for the Lord and continued with the seed of the love of God that was planted in her while growing up. Because of her zeal to work for the Lord, and to add value to the lives of others, she decided to attend bible school were her focus was on prayer.  She graduated from Gethsemane School of Ministry in April 2012 and was ordained as a Reverend Pastor on July 2013.
Pastor Dr. Dorine Takusi is a leadership expert, Speaker, Teacher, Coach and a member of John Maxwell Mentorship.  She is the host of “TIME WITH DORINE” whose mission is to add value, change lives and promote growth by empowering and mentoring.
She is the Author of “ABIGAIL”, and co-authored with her husband Emmanuel Takusi  “A Structured Leader” and “Oneness in Marriage”.
Her desire and her heart’s cry is to be in the divine and perfect will of God, and by the Grace of God to stay focus and do that which the Lord has called her to do, in Jesus Name……Philippians  1:21



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