Cameroonian-born and France-raised Agathe Ngo Likoba is a self-made entrepreneur, philanthropist, new mom and fashion connoisseur. Agathe has spent over a decade in the United States – mostly New York City – scheming up her botanical-based cosmetics line as well as her prêt-á-porter and haute couture fashion lines, aptly named Likoba. Both of which are officially launching this year. The name Likoba comes from her grandfather, Agathe’s hero, who taught her to never give up on her dreams.

Her penchant for fashion is steeped heavily in her upbringing; an amalgam of Africa, France and then peppered with seasons spent in Bruges and Venice. Agathe credits her always debonair mother for her fashion inspiration and influence as well as icons such as Coco Chanel, Sofia Loren and Jacqueline Kennedy. She loves for women to feel chic, sexy, sophisticated and confident without having to show too much or try too hard.

Prior to making waves in the fashion business, Agathe worked as a nurse with terminally-ill patients which evoked an insatiable desire to “give back,” help people and get involved with a seemingly endless list of non-profits and charities.

Today, Agathe resides in Conneticut with her husband and baby daughter.

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