Oliver Temateh Asaah, a law school graduate, a Writer/Author/Musician/Motivational Speaker/Master of Ceremony/Instructor. Latest works: The Broken Bond ( book on personal relationships and motivation); Life Is Not a Given (premier music album released March 26, 2016 by his group Minka Systems), Instructor at Cultural and Diversity Enrichment Services (CADES-USA) since 2008. Given speeches at Genewize/ForU conventions, seminars, workshops (see some speeches and music on his youtube channel. Oliver is the inventor of the Universal Productivity Code. Key philosophy: “Nothing is too bad not to be good”; “Perfection is doing everything right; excellence is doing the right thing; strive for excellence and leave perfection to divinity”, “Humility is not a sign of weakness; it is the key to open all doors without stepping on other people’s toes”, “in every gloom, there is bloom and in every doom, there is boom”, “forgive and release the stress for your own good”. https://minkasystems.hearnow.com/


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