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Former Miss Cameroon who made top headlines in the 90s, still as beautiful and gorgeous as she was many many years ago when she was crowned. Dr Aretha Makia Co-Chaired the Inaugural Miss Cameroon USA Scholarship Pageant in 2014.    A Former Beauty Queen with brains is what we are talking about, a perfect role model for our young ladies who can see in her, every reason to be beautiful inside and out and to be the best.  She is a top OB/GYN Surgeon in Maryland and when she is not working, she is either Giving Back to society or simply living life to the full.


Dr Makia has supported the Miss Africa USA Pageant for several years where she launched the Aretha Makia Scholarship Fund for the Pageant and each year awards scholarships to the Winners as a way of encouraging education and career advancement.  She is all about looking good inside and out.  She is a very humble human being, does not speak much of her trail of success, her deeds speak volumes.  She has helped so many Cameroonians who call on her for help with their sick ones, she will quickly jump in and help. So many testimonies of her goodness and kindness within the community and internationally puts her on a level worthy of praise.  She is a very strong Christian who never stops asking God to use her to do His Deeds.  It is no doubt that she is on board the Miss Cameroon USA train and will help direct our young women to stay beautiful and empowered. She offers her time to give advice and is always only a phone call or text away.  She is just too Good and we are Blessed to have her.

dr and mrs Makia

 She is married to Dr. Nelson Makia and they have 3 children and have adopted so many they call their own. They are good people who are always blessing others.

Dr and Dr. Mrs Makia will be Gracing the Miss Cameroon USA Pageant on Saturday June 20 2015, their Table is Reserved.


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