Many might know him as an Information Technology Guru, Many more know him in his capacity as a Cameroonian Royal an active member of the exclusive, highly respected and historical Ekpe Society, but Many Many Many More know him as a father, a man who can adopt a whole village and still love and treat everyone as his own.  Yes this is the father of Cameroon Diaspora. Well educated, he has excelled in the IT business, consulting for some of the US institutions. He has uplifted so many Cameroonians who have endeavored to make their mark in the field of IT and to them he is a hero.

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He never walks alone, never enjoys alone, he is often surrounded by men and women who look up to him as a role model, those who look up to him for guidance, for advice. This man is Cameroon in miniature, he carries his nation everywhere, he has a heart for his people. Yes he is the Father of Cameroon Diaspora.

Sesekou Joseph Mbu has been the number one supporter of Miss Cameroon USA from inception. He loves the idea of empowering young women and future leaders.  This is a program he wants to see succeed as it promotes the culture of Cameroon to the outside world, it gives young women an opportunity to serve their nation and be great patriots and goodwill ambassadors of Cameroon.

Sesekou Joseph Mbu is happily married to First Lady Anthonia Mbu and they reside in Maryland, USA



Sesekou and the First Lady Mme Antonia Mbu at Family Baptism.

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