One of the most intelligent, beautiful and humble Cameroonian beauty Queen to ever represent Cameroon at such  global level like Miss World, the world’s 2nd largest beauty pageant, Larissa Ngangoum.  A former Title holder of the Miss Cameroon USA Crown, she jetted off to Cameroon to compete for the Title of Miss Cameroon World and was crowned in 2015 as the official Queen to represent the Republic of Cameroon in the Miss World Pageant.  The then Pharmacy student spent an entire year in Cameroon and other countries around the world just being an Ambassador for Cameroon, giving back to her community and making a difference.  Larissa held the Crown with grace an honor despite controversies and challenges.  She stayed true to her purpose as a beauty Queen and represented Cameroon with great honor and pride.  Today she is back in The United States to continue her education and humanitarian work.


The Miss Cameroon USA Organization proudly honors Queen Larissa Ngangoum on behalf of all Cameroonians at home and abroad for her service to the nation and for being a great ambassador of Cameroon globally.


Please join us June 4th at St Andrew’s Banquet Hall, 15100 New Hampshire Avenue for the Miss Cameroon USA Ceremony and Gala and witness this conferring of honor to Larissa Ngangoum.

From Queen Larissa “Being a beauty queen is first and foremost a platform to be a role model for many adolescents that follow us; Fortunately, I understood it early and worked with such mentality. I was first elected Miss Cameroon USA and later Miss world Cameroon which had a big impact in my life; it helped me understand my purpose. It was ultimately a blessing from above. I’ve always loved children and what better opportunity to help them than being the ambassador for the youth?! It fills me with joy and happiness to be able to work for them and provide them with as little or as much as my possibilities allows me. I’ve heard many times that the most important asset of a beauty queen is her physical attributes. Am I beautiful? I don’t know. Do I have a purpose? I SURE do! That’s why I always say that a Miss should be a Beauty with a Purpose. I have tremendous gratitude for all the people that believed in me and have been with me in any shape or form during my journey, there are many of you and you all are in my heart. Leonie Happi, my inspiration, motivation, and more… My mother; thank you for giving me the wings to fly. Lady Kate Ndi, President and CEO of Miss Cameroon USA and Miss Africa USA, you’ve had a huge impact in my life and I’ll forever be grateful for that. My purpose is to help, and I do it with immense satisfaction. Thank you. Merci. Gracias. Larissa Ngangoum Miss Cameroon USA 2013 Miss World Cameroon 2014”

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