MISS Cameroon USA PagenatThe Miss Cameroon USA Pageant Organization has been established to provide a platform for young Cameroonian ladies in The United States of America to have an opportunity to realize self actualization and to pursue their own dreams.  The Pageant celebrates the vibrant beauty of the Cameroonian girl, beauty which radiates from her intelligence, from being confident and from being an empowered woman who has gained the tools to enhance her own self and the ability to change the world around her.


Cameroon is known as Africa in Miniature, with a very diverse culture, the only bilingual country in Africa with the richest cultural blend of over 250 tribes.  Cameroon is the cultural melting pot of Africa.  It is therefore the vision of Miss Cameroon USA Pageant to seize the opportunity to show the world the true beauty of Cameroon.  We encourage our young women to take advantage of this platform to advocate for social change and be activists and the voice for the voiceless.


The First Pageant intake has officially begun.  The winner of Miss Cameroon USA will automatically represent Cameroon at the Miss Africa USA Pageant, she will be coached and mentored to represent Cameroon at other World Class Pageants, her presence will be felt in the diaspora and back home and this will be evident because she will be a catalyst for change.


We urge the community to support the Miss Cameroon USA Pageant and encourage the young ladies to be the best.  We accept donations for Scholarship Programs and Sponsorship to enable the Pageant to be sustainable to support young women on the ladder of success.


Stay Tuned for the grand Launching of Miss Cameroon USA Young Achievers Pageant coming up April 2014 in Washington DC.

We are looking for National Directors across the United States, Women with a vision to support and Mentor Younger Women to achieve Success, Women who are ready to groom the next generation of Cameroonian Women Leaders.