I am Minella Majenu, born and raised in Bamenda, Cameroon to the age of 18 when I moved to the United States. I graduated with a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Petroleum Geology from Texas A&M and the University of Arkansas, respectively. However, I am now on a renewed path to becoming a Dermatologist, and currently completing the final pre-requisites at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas. I like singing (a lot), cooking and participating in various volunteer activities at my church and local shelters.


I hope to raise my voice on the many hurdles girls around the world have to jump in order to obtain a basic education. I want to make sure young girls (especially) have the opportunity to ATTEND and STAY in school. So far, I have been actively doing so through the Hope4Children Cameroon, a Non-Profit Organization.

Globally, over 60 million girls are unable to obtain a basic education because they are met with various challenges. These range from poor sanitary conditions to child-marriages, sometimes to “pay off” a family debt. However, my platform has been actively advocating for and improving educational conditions in various communities in Cameroon. This is done by providing benches, books, completing school buildings, paying fees and most importantly, building new sanitary toilets. This has increased the attendance rate of girls within the schools by over 80%. Winning this pageant will provide more opportunities of creating awareness and partnerships, that will be beneficial in fostering the continues advocacy of educating the girlchild.