On a 10 day charity mission trip to Cameroon, Queen Vinielle Acha-Morfaw left no stone un-turned, she used every opportunity she had to make an impact in the lives of Cancer Survivors, patients battling with the disease in the hospital including children.  Queen Vinielle visited the General Hospital in Douala to support Cancer Patients. With the support of the Patcha Foundation, the Queen was able to donate vitamins for patients to help supplement their nutrition, she donated wigs and hair apparels to women who were loosing their hair due to the side effects of their Cancer treatments regimes. She gave out baskets of fruits and offered hope to the patients and had words of encouragements for the patients to continue to fight and overcome their disease and to trust in God.  She spent time with the Care Providers, Nurses and Doctors and the Medical Team who work very hard to treat Cancer Patients.ho2 ho3 ho4 ho5 ho6 ho9 ho8ho12ho11ho15ho17ho13ho14ho7ho10

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