Alain Chaps and Julius Ade, the brains, the power and forces behind the strongest and fastest growing Men’s Fashion House in the DC Metro area, Connaisseur Paris.  The two men who are very handsome, very polished and always sharply dressed, are not only fashion savvy, they are family men but most of all they are God Fearing.  Putting all the above accolades together and adding the fact that they are originally from the Republic of Cameroon, it is no wonder that Success is their only portion.


Connaisseur Paris Men’s Boutique, though based in Maryland, is actually internationally known and can boast of customers from around the world, even government officials in the United States and Africa choose to shop at Connaisseur Paris.  This is a brand that is fast becoming a household name for those who understand  the meaning of dressing for success.

Miss Cameroon USA is honored to have Connaisseur Paris as a Corporate Sponsor for the 2nd Year in a row.  We are encouraging all supporters of Miss Cameroon USA who will be attending the show to be sure to shake hands with these fabulous CEOs and wish them well and don’t forget to shop at Connaisseur Paris.

The Summer is here and Wedding Plans are rolling out, be sure to check out Connaisseur Paris for those glamorous Wedding ensembles and Business Suits.


For all your Fashion needs, Visit Connaisseur Paris for the best shopping experience.

The Store is Located at

Briggs Chaney Center
13874 Old Columbia pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904
United States

(301) 200-5448

Connaisseur Paris where Your Money Gives you great Value



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