Solomon Egbe Esq. has been a supporter of the Fashion and Entertainment Industry for over 25 years. He hails from a family with a long history of frontline involvement in the Fashion Industry and pageantry, and has been one of the strongest advocate in support of such activities within the family. Their activities include a cousin who is a doctor and has chaired and hosted the Miss AfricaUSA events on multiple occasions; a cousin who is an attorney and fashion blogger is New York whose articles have featured in Essence magazine; an older sister who is a journalist and the founder and CEO of Labella Couture Designs, an Afro-Western contemporary fashion design startup; a younger sister who graduated from the elite Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and is now a Technical Designer with Jones of New York; and a cousin who is CEO and founder of African Fashion Week in Amsterdam.
Solomon believes that pageantry is a very effective and positive way to empower young girls to develop the self-confidence and motivation needed to initiate positive change in society. His commitment to the cause is highlighted by his active support of his daughter, Whitney Egbe, the reigning Miss United States Maryland Pre-Teen’s pageant and modeling activities, and the activities of his niece, Miss Paula Egbe, the face of LaBella Couture in the United States with modeling superstar potential.
On the professional front, Solomon is an attorney, a director with Ports America – the largest marine terminal operator in US, and the Managing Director of Blue Diamond International Holding – a Family Office and Image Management firm that focuses on guiding high net worth individuals and families towards becoming high society brand names with sustainable financial foundations. His work in the maritime industry earned him an appointment (second time) by the Secretary of Labor in January 2016 to the Maritime Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health; membership in Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab’s Port Security Mapping Network; and various industry trade and professional associations and boards.
On the Image Building side, Solomon Egbe, Esq., aka Chief Egbe III, is of African royal pedigree, and a real life Chief of the Ekpe Society from the Manyu tribe in Cameroon. He is an expert on high society fashion and architecture from the Gilded Age, and a consummate philanthropist. He is the current Lord of the Castle on Kings Gift, a modern day castle that featured as the Ellicott City Historical Society’s house of the year in 1994. Chief Egbe is one of the earliest supporters of Miss AfricaUSA and has committed to attend the event with various members of his Family, including his daughter, Miss United States Maryland Pre-Teen queen, Whitney Egbe, before she goes to compete for Miss United States Pre-Teen on the national stage in Las Vegas.

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