Dr. Dongmo is a well-known Biomedical expert who has provided world class solutions and worked for leading Healthcare, Research, Pharmaceutical, Hospital and Government facilities to improve the quality of care for the past 20 years including the:

One of his current focuses is Personalized Medicine which consists of developing targeted assays to better individualize the treatment of rare diseases and inherited cancers by using Next Generation DNA Sequencing.
Dr. Dongmo is also the founder and President of Quantomix Medical, a company working to provide cutting edge solutions to streamline the health care delivery in Africa. One such solution is the deployment of a National Health Card Platform in Cameroon based on smart card and cloud technologies.
He is a philanthropist and a music super star (Docta Washiwara) and is currently the President of CAMUSA (Cameroonian Musicians Association in the USA) and the Chairman of Lenan Menoua a non-profit organization working on implementing education and health projects in Cameroon.
Finally Dr. Dongmo is a proud Board member of the Patcha Foundation.