Cameroonian Community Leaders have joined forces with the Miss Cameroon USA Organization to recognize Cameroonian Diplomat Gervais Bindzi Edzimbi (Ph.D), for the outstanding service he provides to Cameroonians at the Embassy of Cameroon in Washington DC.  Under the leadership of a great Statesman and Father of all Cameroonians, H.E Joseph Bienvenu Foe-Atanga, the mastermind of change at the Cameroon Embassy in DC,  Mr. Gervais Bindzi has contributed tremendously as a leader to change operations for the better.

For many years there was a raging outcry from the community, expressing frustration at the way Visa and Passport Processing was handled, delays, bottleneck and lack of accountability was hard to deal with for many Cameroonians.  Over the last couple of years, the seasoned Diplomat under the leadership of Ambassador Foe-Atangana embarked on a journey to improve service to a smooth, seamless process with online instructions and swift appointment system.  It is very clear now that applicants have to follow guidelines set on the website and submit documentation without actually making that journey to the Embassy, or the notion that you had to know someone at the Embassy to get things done.   The response from the community has been one of appreciation for the positive change.

On Saturday June 4th, several Community Leaders will join the Miss Cameroon USA Team to Officiate the Presentation of : CAMEROONIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2016 to Mr. Gervais Bindzi Edzimbi to say thank you.

The presentation will be led by  ACCDF Inc an umbrella organization for the Community  along with other group Leaders who will be present.  Reservations are still being accepted for Community Leaders who wish to be part of this Award Ceremony taking place on Saturday June 4th during the Miss Cameroon USA Celebration.  Please contact Lady Kate on 240 440 2166 or email for more information.  Join us as we say Thank you to a great Diplomat, a great Cameroonian Patriot who is serving the nation very honorably.


Mister Gervais BINDZI EDZIMBI is a career diplomat with rank of
Minister Plenipotentiary.

He holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of
Yaounde II, a Masters Degree in International Administration from the
University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne, and he also graduated from
the National School of Administration of Paris in the Diplomacy track.

This experienced diplomat is First Secretary in charge of Consular,
Administrative, and Protocol Affairs at the Embassy of Cameroon in the
United States of America (Washington, DC).

Aside from being a great defender of Cameroon’s political,
economical and social interests abroad, Mister Minister
Plenipotentiary Gervais BINDZI is also a great lover of culture.

In fact, in his youth, he was an actor in the Cameroonian movie
“KABEYENE OU A QUI LA FAUTE” from Movie Director Julien MFOULOU,
and also in the TV series “LE DEBROUILLARD” and “L’ORPHELIN”
broadcast on the Cameroon Radio TeleVision (CRTV) during the nineties.

Mister Gervais BINDZI EDZIMBI is delighted to be among the judges of
the Miss Cameroon USA 2015 Pageant.

Miss Cameroon USA Pageant Saturday June 4th 2016 7pm to 3am at St Andrew’s Banquet Hall, 15100 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring.



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