Vinielle Acha-Morfaw
Vinielle Acha-Morfaw

Name: Vinielle Acha-Morfaw

Age : 21

College: Towson University School of Nursing

Career Aspiration: I am currently a nursing student at Towson University. I want to be a plastic surgery nurse and eventually obtain my PhD in nursing.

Hobbies: Modeling, shopping, volunteering at community organizations, hanging out with friends & family, and entering online sweepstakes.

What is Your Humanitarian Platform? My platform is cancer awareness in Cameroon and the USA. Losing many family members to cancer had a strong impact on me and pushed me to make a difference in the community. I make it my mission to educate and make people more aware of cancer. In Cameroon, many people have never seen doctors or are able to afford healthcare. I am the official spokesperson for the Patcha Cancer Foundation. The Patcha Foundation was founded by my family and I have been working with the foundation since the beginning. Cancer is not a death sentence.


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