Sylvia Ngu
Sylvia Ngu

Age: 24 Years Old

Village Of Origin: AKUM (BAMENDA NorthWest Region)
Nationality: CAMEROON



Languages: English and French.

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Reading.

Reason For Becoming Miss Cameroon USA:
I am thrilled to join a mission to positively impact people’s lives and the society – starting with my community.
I’ve already taken some profound (yet surprisingly simple) steps to support and advocates for People with Developmental Disabilities (PDD). Miss Cameroon USA (MICUSA) is a platform which signing up will help my goals to be reached. Many of us are yet to notice that PDD especially in Cameroon are treated as minorities and proper care is not given to them. I see myself standing as their voice. I have to create an awareness as well as bring back hope to their lives. So I am honored to take this journey under the umbrella of Miss Cameroon USA.
You see, too many great dreams go unanswered – too many obtainable goals go unachieved and I happen to think that is unacceptable! Whether we struggle to find the time, lose direction or get caught up in our own habits, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what we want most in life.
But when you develop a positive mindset, you give yourself the powerful ability to positively change your life and the lives of others. I know MICUSA will provide me with the tools I need to make that change like never before!
To me, MICUSA was created with the idea or platform that people like myself with big dreams can use to chase their goals and ultimately intercedes or advocates for the lives of others without having to push the “reset” button or interrupt their daily routine. I happen to think it’s amazing and fortunately I am not alone -thousands of people – just like me – are ready to transform the lives of others who are in need on a daily basis.
Hence, I look forward to become Miss Cameroon USA.

Thank You and God bless You.

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