Myra Maimoh’s debut album ‘Answer’d Me’ made the rounds and caused a stir in Europe, and the UK. Her album which uniquely blends both Afro and Euro genres gives her unique possibilities and appeal. She has been featured in many magazines and has already topped a couple of charts and received a couple of awards since she got unto the music scene less than a year ago. 

These include:
– Song of the month for 6 consecutive months on Holland and German internet radio New artist programs (run by well respected music critics in Euro music scene),
– Topped the NCM Gospel Charts with two songs for 3 consecutive months.
– Won Nexdim New artist of the Year for Cameroon, Africa, amongst many others accolades.
She was most recently featured in the US magazine the ebony glam celebrity magazine which identified her as the up and coming African artist of the year. 
The links below might give you a glimpse of her soulful voice and her talent, but also the buzz she is creating.

Myra Maimoh is like a flower in full bloom always radiating a sweet contagious essence. You just seem to always find a smile emanating from her mouth and the
most inspiring words from her lips but altogether life has never been this picture perfect for her. In fact, Myra as she tells it has gone through a lot of experiences which have helped shape her to the positive person she is today. As they say with life, you can choose to be bitter or you can be better with your experiences and Myra Maimoh certainly chose the latter. She shares her message of healing, hope and encouragement in her sophomore album, Uniq.

Uniq incorporates Myra Maimoh’s RnB and African influences. On this 6 tracked album she, brings to the table a plate full of positive inspiration and a cup filled with hope, patience and faith speaking to audiences battling terminal illnesses, depression or low self-esteem in the song Uniq which is also a girl power anthem with an empowering stance (link attached below). 

You only have to listen to the unforgettable voice of Myra Maimoh to understand why Célia Faussart of Les Nubians stated she was inspired by Myra and also stated
“Myra Maimoh, she’s like the Cameroonian Jill Scott, and Franck Biyong.”



Myra Maimoh was born in Bamenda, the North West Region of Cameroon (in West Central Africa) where she grew up in an average Christian family home with her parents and siblings. With her mother being her greatest musical influence through the records she owned, Myra Maimoh grew up with artists such as Skeeter Davies, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong. She was also heavily influenced by her Mother’s love for African blues through to Country music, traditional African music to Jazz and pop and it was no surprise that Myra started singing and dancing, while still in preschool at the age of 3.

Myra’s sophomore album Uniq is now released and available on all major online platforms and it is quite the masterpiece for many different reasons. Very rarely does an artist try to, and succeed in accomplishing so many things in a 6 song EP.

We are taken to the very essence of who the artist is, and what her musical range and influences have been. A marked departure from her first album, Uniq tells a compelling story of power through adversity and identifying one’s voice and identity; you get the feeling Myra is singing as much to herself as she is to other people. A conviction in message carries throughout the album.

Uniq is now released and available on all major online platforms as per links below:





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